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Genuine Comfort” by Scott Fellows as it Relates to Personal Wellbeing
What is Comfort?
The article “Genuine Comfort” by the creative director and brand strategist Scott Fellows, at the architectural and interior design firm BassamFellows, explores the true definition of what it means to be Comfortable in a room (Fellows 29). Fellows is quick to point out that Comfort should not be confused with minimalism (29), yet it has something to do with minimalism. The most important thing about Comfort is taking utmost care on the part of the designers with the proportion of a room and the furniture for starters. Comfort is an emotional response (and physiological too) by somebody towards their environment. When Fellows talks about the environment he means the interior aspects of a room (29): proportion is the ratio of the dimensions (length, width, and height) and the layout of the furniture. From the writing in the article it is clear why Fellows is the creative director at BassamFellows. His words alone make the reader picture being Comfortable in a room designed to look and feel simple but filled up by the profoundness of details in the design elements.

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