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The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine
Benny Morris is originally an Israeli historical and a history professor in the department of Middle East studies of Ben Gurion University, Israel. He is also the member if groups of historians who were known as new historians. Morris did work on the conflict of Israel and Arab and especially the conflict between Palestine and Israel. He has earned criticism and praise from both sides. Morris was born on the 8th of December in 1948; he was the son of Jewish immigrants who had come from the United Kingdom. The name of his father was Ya Akob Morris who was an Israeli historical diplomat and poet. His mother Saddy Morris was a journalist. Benny Morris was grown in an atmosphere that is pioneered towards the left-wing. Morris’s parents were shifted to Jerusalem when Morris was around a year old. Because of the diplomatic duties associated with Morris’s father they had spent four years in New York City when Morris was 9 years old and another 2 years when Morris was 15 years old. Morris has suffered casualties during 1967 and 1969 and was wounded by Egyptian cell. After completing graduation from Cambridge University Morris returned to Jerusalem and started working as a correspondent for the Jerusalem Post. While working in Jerusalem Post Morris started reading archives of Israel government and then he shifted his attention towards origination of Palestinian exordants (Caden et al, 0968344518796688). 
Recently Morris criticised restrictions imposed by Netanyahu government regarding access to historical documents that were related to Palestinian nagba and he also expressed empathy for the victims of atrocities during war of 1948. He stated that no reasonable person can believe that no activity associated with massacre and expulsion by the side of Jews in 1948 war that was launched by Arab states and Palestinian Arabs and accordingly with misuse it can be justified regarding defense of Jews community. Later on, Morris summarised all his political views that were associated with Arab Israeli conflicts. 
The author Benny Morris started his historical background associated with 1948 war that was the almost inevitable result that arises because of the continuous friction between Jewish and Arab for over half a century. This conflict arises with arrival of Israel’s land or Palestinian land of first Jewish immigrants. He states that the 19th century was in a surge of national consciousness and aspiration along with development in Germany, Italy, Russia, Poland, and other multinational territories of Austro-Hungarian empire. It provided inspiration, intellectual back draw and guidance to the founders of Zionism. During 1881 450000 Arabs reside in Palestine and 90 percent of them were Muslim. The rest are Jews and Christian. The Jews were around 25 thousand in numbers and they were ultra-orthodox, poor and non-nationalist. They all live in Jerusalem that is the main town of the country. 80 percent of Arab’s reside in 7 to 8 hundred agriculture villages and rest of them were living in small towns that include Hebron, Gaza, Jaffa, Nablus, Hifa, Tiberias, and acre. The first way associated with zionist immigration was developed between the years 1882 and 1903. Thirty thousand settlers of Jewish community started moving towards Palestine and main aim in their mind is to establish gradually expanding and many productive towns held by Jewish along with agricultural settlements that will lead to Jewish majority and establishment of a sovereign, independent Jewish state in Palestine. The Zionists were planning to buy or occupy lands on dunam from the Sultan of Ottoman. The second Aliya or mass immigration of Jewish community happened between 1904 to 1914 it intended to plant roots in Palestine low land that means towards the upper Jordan valley or coastal plain and Jezreel valley that connects them. The gradual increase in Jewish population towards the low land trumped natural expansion. New settlers get beset by difficult and unwanted climate, unfamiliar diseases and they were viewed as brigandage. By describing these situations Benny Morris effectively provides a different scenario that had constructed the base that leads to the famous war (Caden et al, 0968344518796688). 
During the early period of 20th century Jews started expanding their territory and established Palestine as their home even though majority population of Palestine is now Jews. The seeds associated with ongoing conflict were shown by the assistance of British. The influx of the Jewish settlers in Palestine increases in a continuous manner and based on it they demanded that Palestine must be divided into two parts that are Arab state and a Jewish state. This resolution was approved by the general assembly of the United Nations and hence incarnated the way through which Israel is created. Meanwhile sophisticated campaign that is named as ethnic cleansing of Palestine was carried that intends to ensure that this demographic structure that is going to be established must favor Jews. Palestinians called this event as Nakba that means catestrawf. It leads to a huge amount of exodus of Palestinians and they was forced to leave their homes and hence get displaced to different parts of Palestine and other neighboring countries. These settlement initiated by Israel in the territories of Palestine is illegal accordingly with international law and is considered as a major obstacle that disturbs establishment of peace between Israelis and Palestinians. Jews were continuously encroaching lands that belong to Palestinians. This can also be considered as a major obstacle. Another major conflict is based on control over Jerusalem, right associated with returning of Palestinian refugees back to home in Palestine, release of prisoners belonging to Palestine from Israel jails. 
Military clashes
Violence and military clashes had become a common site in Palestine Israel conflict. There are various military crashes that happened over time and it had also affected Palestinians by bombing their houses. Military clashes reflect the highly in humanitarian behavior of Israel and it often grabs global attention. In Spite of numerous negotiations between Israeli and Palestinians under the presence of various parties, these two sides still fails to resolve the conflict. It is kind of a two-state solution and this option is preferred by intern’s community. From the strip of Gaza Israel withdrew its

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