Research Paper On Their Eyes Was Watching God
Zora Neale Hurston termed a genius of the south by Alice Walker is the author of the text “Their eyes were watching God” The author straddles a couple of genres partly Bildungsroman, a novel dealing with one person’s favorite years or a spiritual education and a romance novel too whereby the heroine finally finds perfect love with her third husband. The novel is an overview of Janie’s quest for self-awareness and satisfaction, and of the struggles she progressed through just to reach it. The book has a few explicit political commentaries even though it’s not a book about politics or race. Zora did not want to write about the race problem, but her interests lied in what makes a man or woman do such and so regardless of his color.
With Janie’s development from a child so far away out of any background that she doesn’t recognize her ethnicity, to a woman powerful enough to revert to her homeland who wants nothing but to expose herself in her distress. She did not even know that she was colored until she saw an image of herself with white kids ‘But before ah seen de picture Ah thought Ah was just like de rest.’” (9) Their Eyes Were Watching God demonstrates the only way to attain fulfillment is to disregard the demonizing of society and focus on one’s own needs while resisting selfishness. The book itself acts as a blueprint for liberation as it shuns the traditional structure of contemporary prose, relying carefully on indigenous-white relationships rather magnifying the nature of the black girl, suggesting that she can influence her fate.

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