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The question of what composes the American identity is covered with blatant mythologies that make it difficult to comprehend a shared narrative. According to the first paragraph, the Trumpist narrative is not aware of the people who regard the idea as the gospel truth. Several narratives exist about the American identity that the first Presidents, such as Jefferson and Washington, failed to explain sufficiently. Therefore, the American identity is characterized by divisions over historical narratives that signify a state of belonging. The article’s purpose is to critique our educational system, which instead of informing American’s reality, is promoting mythologies regarding narratives of inclusivity and multiculturalism.
Paragraph Tone and Writing
The paragraph uses a critical tone to critique the educational system. He accuses it of failing to inform Americans of their reality but instead focused on mythologies when teaching American history. Besides using the tone on the educational system, the paragraph uses a critical tone to critique the Trumpist narrative and how he perceives some of the earlier Presidents. The tone is critical to the Trumpist narrative that promotes a narrative of taking back America to the greatness that replicates the supremacy and purity of the past white settlers. The Trumpist narrative does not consider the substantial number of individuals who believe in the narrative. The author uses a critical tone to note that the history upon which such a narrative is based is not factual. He terms the narrative as “blatant mythology.” The paragraph’s writing is informal. The author’s

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