Lyme disease and Peripheral Vascular Disease
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Lyme Disease Critical Thinking Questions
1. What is the cardinal sign of Lyme disease?
The signs include the Bull’s eye rash which is seen to be a subset of the Erythema Migran that is also part of the signs. The rash might be seen to appear on other parts of the body apart from the area that was bitten in the form of Disseminated disease. It might be seen as a red mark which would spread later. In the skins of the people with color, the rash would be seen as a bruise and not itchy and can be mistaken for a spider bite (Johnston, et al., 2016). Other symptoms include fever, flulike illness, extreme fatigue, headache, back and neck pain, malar flush, red ear lobes, jaw pain, and joint pain and swelling.
2. At what stages of Lyme disease are the IgG and IgM antibodies elevated?
The IgG and IgM would be noticed in the initial stages after the bite as they will be exposed to Borrelia.

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