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The Influence of big Corporations to Local Business in Town
Big corporations are those multinational companies which provide a wide variety of products to small businesses in local towns. Big corporations relate to small businesses in town in such a way that they influence growth and development of businesses (Del Vecchio, Di Minin, Petruzzelli, Panniello, & Pirri, 2018). Most of the big corporation?s work in way that they identify a market gap so that there is a continuous flow of products transacted in the market. Similarly,
big corporations stimulate the spouting of small businesses since they provide resources required for the discussion, there is vivid description of how the big corporations influence the small businesses through job creation and provision of variety of goods. They have several merits and demerit over other local business in town. For instance, job creation to local business in the town in large numbers compared to small, they can accommodate thousands of jobs, there will be also faster of production in terms of machines they use and this has merit to the local. Developing of technologies to the local for example marketing and transporting sector. On the other hand, large corporation has demerit to local for example overtaking small business through power or influence of politician. This counter a great deal of existing works which emphasizes the wide diligence in small business owners? political behaviors within and across countries. Rather we find that owning a small business does have
distinct effects on political behavior in many different contexts (Campbell & Park, 2017).
In conclusion, multinationals can often save a lot in labor costs, even in highly unionized countries. For example, when Xerox started moving copier-rebuilding work to Mexico to take advantage of the lower wages, its union in Rocheste

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