Healthcare Discussions
Healthcare Discussions
Article 1
Objections expected to encounter and the choices
One of the objections expected to encounter as a representative of a managed care company to this group is health illiteracy. As indicated in the article, the pediatricians have failed to provide the required medical services through vaccination because of the notion that the vaccines are harmful to a child. In such a case, it can be very difficult to convince the target group otherwise (Chervenak, McCullough, & Brent, 2016). The parents have complete authority to the decision they make and they are not to be coerced in any way to do something they are unwilling to do. The choice here as a managed care company representative is to educate the group on the importance of products offered by the company in a move to convince them to change their mind.
Informed refusal is another objection likely to be encountered. The target group can cause opposition directly to the product because of misconceptions or because of lack of evidence-based information that show the benefits. The choice here is to provide the decision maker with evidence-based information that will help in clearing the doubts about the product.

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