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Project description
For the report of 1500 words, you are expected to present your project
definition document under the following headings:
1- Title of the Project (The title should indicate the aim of the project)
2- Statement/Definition of the project Objectives: The steps to
reaching the project aim.
? Make sure that objectives are as SMART as possible. ( remember the
Criteria of good objectives: Specific, Measurable, Achievable (but
challenging), Realistic, Time-based)
? Make sure that all elements of the Title/Aim statement are reflected
in the Objectives listed.
3? Discuss the scope of the project and any constraints
4? A concise statement of Programme of Work (include a detailed work
plan which explains
How the objectives stated in 2 are to be achieved)
5- Illustrate the work plan using a Gantt Chart.
? Estimate the period of implementation for each element of the work
programme stated in 4 and present them on a Gantt Chart.
6- Cost of the project: What costs are associated with the project?
7- What are the benefits arising from the project.
Marking Criteria:
1- Develop/state the title of the Project 10%
2- Define the project Objectives: 20%
3- Discuss the scope of the project and any constraints 10%
4- A concise statement of Programme of Work 30%
5- Develop a Gantt Chart presenting the work plan. 10%
6- Indication of the costs associated with the project. 10%
7- Statement of the benefits arising from the project. 10%
A glance at literature may reveal that organizations use different
methods for presenting a project definition document. This is
particularly true in cases where an organisation that funds the
projects oblige the applicants (project investigators/ project
managers) to fill a research proposal form provided by that particular
funding organisation. An example of such a form is the ?Research
proposal form, EPS (RP), provided by EPSRC, the Engineering and
Physical Science Research Council. EPSRC funds the collaborative
research projects proposed by a network of industry and academia.
Click on the following website to obtain EPS (RP) research proposal
As can be seen in the EPSRC research proposal form (shown at the above
website), the applicants are required to give details of their
proposed project in section 1 of the form under the heading of ?1
DETAILS OF PROPOSAL?, providing the following information about their
? Title of Research project (not to exceed 108 characters.)
? Objectives (List main objectives of the proposed research in order
of priority.)
? Summary (Describe the proposed research in about 200 words.)
The form also requires additional information such as Beneficiaries.
An example of a completed EPSRC research proposal form is shown in the
following website:
Referencing Requirements:
?Title of Project:
The title should indicate the aim of the project
The steps to reaching the project aim
*Proposed Programme of Work (include a detailed work plan, typically a
Gantt Chart):
Assignment Requirements
You are required to
i) Select a project of your own choice, and;
ii) Prepare a project definition document for the project you have
selected, and;
iii) Write a report of no more than 1500 words presenting your project
definition document in the format required by this assignment,
outlined below.

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