The Odyssey and Beowulf
The Odyssey and Beowulf
The Odyssey is the story of Odysseus, who, after the fall of Troy is not seen for ten years. His kingdom is in Ithaca, and a large mob of suitors is in the palace ready to ask for his wife’s hand in marriage. They are out to court his wife Penelope and pillage his land (Homer, 2015). Among the suitors, Antinous strategizes on how to kill the young prince and eliminate him since he is the next possible leader. Unknowingly, Odysseus is alive, and Calypso had captured him, who is obsessed with love. Although he longs to see his wife and son, he has no one to help him. A strong supporter among the gods named Athena decides to assist Odysseus by disguising himself as the prince’s grandfather’s friend. Telemachus and Odysseus later find each other and instigate a plan to destroy the suitors and gain control of the land. In the end, they are both able to kill all the suitors and reunite the family.
Beowulf, on the other hand, is a story told by an Anglo-Saxon poet. The poem describes the story of a brave and strong soldier who fights monsters and turns out to be king. He fights many significant battles, including Grendel, who terrorized the people (Chambers, 2018). In the land of king Hrothgar of Denmark, there was a horrible demon named Grendel that terrorized the people, and Beowulf sails to Denmark to defeat him. Later, When Beowulf becomes an older man, an enraged dragon emerges and begins to unleash fiery destruction. He manages to kill the beast and the mother too.

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