Statistical Techniques
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Statistical Techniques
Statistical techniques are methods used in data analysis. Usually, different analytical methods are used to analyze data to help in decision making. The article cracking the data science interview discusses various types of data analysis methods discusses types of data techniques commonly used by data analysts to assist in the decision making process. The paper aims to examine the article’s worthiness by accessing how the author presented concepts and information used in this article.
First, the information used in this article is credible and reliable because they are logical. The author of the article used information and concepts from previous research studies that are credible and contain useful information. The information in the body of the article matches the heading, which portrays a proper organization of ideas in a piece of article. Usually, the author of an article needs to highlight key points in the introduction section of the article to attract the reader (Le, 2020). As well, the author of this article did the same hence making the article worthy.

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