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Dear Program Director,
I am greatly pleased to write this letter in support of Mr. Chen?s application in your medical school. I am an Otolaryngology doctor, and I have personally worked with Mr. Chen during his internship at the Liren Otolaryngology Clinic. In this capacity, I was able to observe and assess Mr. Chen?s clinical skills. Mr. Chen is very passionate about becoming a future doctor, which was evident from his clinical skills, patient care, excellent knowledge, and leadership.
Apart from his excellent intellect and performance during standardized examinations, Mr. Chen is warm, engaging, and curious, and motivated to learn. Mr. Chen is always prepared, having researched the relevant topics to provide quality care. Mr. Chen is very articulate and effectively utilizes his knowledge in the clinic. The medical team describes him as one of our best interns.
Mr. Chen showed his clinical curiosity by using evidence-based resources to ask and answer questions. Mr. Chen was able to look up the appropriate treatment for the patient?s symptoms, and in some cases, he could come up with different diagnoses. Mr. Chen is an exceptional learner, his effective communication skills, his proactivity in the clinic, and his clinical acumen makes him an exceptional

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