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Reasons I Want to Attend to a Service Academy
Why do you want to attend a service academy?
My dream since was a child was to join the military service of the United States of America (USA). In particular, I have always wanted to serve my country by protecting fellow citizens. The best way for me to succeed in the military and become promoted quickly is by enrolling in the academies. Moreover, I like the unity portrayed by the military and how they respect each other and the public. Indeed, it is difficult to find such a conducive environment present in the academies anywhere else.
In reality, it is hard to get genuine friends who I can perceive as my brothers. In my entire life, I have never come across such kind of people since my friendships last for a short period. However, I know that I can only form long-lasting relationships in the academies. I understand that true friendship has a price to pay and that it is founded on trust. I am ready to face the challenges that might arise when developing strong relationships that will last for my entire life. Although I enjoy making friends with fellow sportspeople, the bond eventually breaks when the teams break as the season ends. For this reason, I am sure that in the academies I will get friends that I can depend on for the rest of my life.

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