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Reading Summary and Reflective Comments: Educational Leadership and Public Relations


Moore suggest that a good public relation is the one that goes beyond formal communication program. The interpretation of those surrounding the school can foster the school’s reputations by which schools succeed or fail. Thus, the need for schools’ leadership to be cautious how the society perceive about the school. Whether Fair or not fair, true or false, everyone’s actions and words generate images and perceptions that influence what others believes and thinks about the school. Communication is two-way traffic flowing in opposite directions; in class, a teacher must prompt pupils’ understanding by asking questions that are expected to be answered verbally instantly.
Successful school and public relations activities should ensure that all key audiences’ communication needs are addressed.

Teachers, non-teaching staffs, Students, and Parents are the main stakeholders in a school setup. Constant communication amongst these key stakeholders would be vital in boosting the overall performance and the image of the school. Diaries and emails are the common media of communication in our school, sometimes parents and guardians don’t check the diaries of their children when they come home, and some are too busy to respond to emails from school representatives or attend school meetings. This causes a breakdown in communication.
In reality, it’s not possible to please everyone. Some people are out there to taint the image of others. The eight commandments in the Bible condemn those who bear false witness against their neighbors (Deuteronomy 5:20).
The influence and perception of society surrounding the school should also be managed by screening the information that gets to the public to cushion the impact it would have just if it would be negative.

Reading Summary and Reflective Comments: Change and the Future of Our Schools

Razik and Swanson

Razik and Swanson stress the need for fundamental reform in educational systems to meet contemporary social settings. They maintain that to advance education, there is a clear need for educational leaders to have the ability to comprehend the dynamics of human affairs as a basis for relevant action under emerging conditions, the need for better understanding of issues and processes in educational institutions, and the need for greater originality and collaboration in designing strategic policies. The imperative education reform should be globalized and designed in such a manner to bridge the education gap between various ethnic groups, continents, races, political groups, and individuals from dynamic social-economic classes.

Pupils from impoverished backgrounds have to overcome a bundle of challenges to score good grades in class. In our school where I work, pupils from humble backgrounds have inadequate essential learning material such as revision books, pens and sometimes forced to stay at home due to lack of school fees. The Bible recognizes that we are all equal in the eyes of God, and therefore, such differences exhibited in our education systems are un-Godly. When I was in high school, there was a fever and cough outbreak in our school a few days before the day when we were supposed to sit for the exam. A great rift was evident in how the whole issue was handled. Students from the well up families were taken in for medical health care in the best health facilities in our town and were able to recover faster and went back to sit for the exam. Those from humble backgrounds struggled to get medication, and even some missed the exam. That experience taught me that it’s paramount that all students should have a comprehensive medical cover sponsored by leaders through their respective governments.

Reading Summary and Reflective Comments: Values and Qualities of Leadership


This book is an enlightening book that challenges the reader to consider their characteristics and adopt Christlike values and leadership qualities in their life. Youssef postulates a need for a leader to be confirmed in the presence of many wit

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