Type of service: Writing from scratch Work type: Dissertation Deadline: 30 Jan, 04:52 PM (-27d 7h) Academic level: Masters Subject or discipline: Economics Title: Oil shocks and other determinants of inflation in the US Number of sources: 25 Provide digital sources used: No Paper format: MLA # of pages: 26 Spacing: Double spaced # of words: 7150 # of slides: ppt icon 0 Paper details: 1.Abstract: Describe the way how to examines the determinants of inflation 2.Contents 3.Introduction: describe the history of inflation in the US 4.Literature review: at least 20 5.Inflation model for US: for example CPI is the function of changes in the 6.price of tradable and non tradable goods %CPI+a%pt+(1-a)%Pn 7.Econometric Methodology: quarterly time-series data in the period at least 20 years, with Using Dickey-Fuller test, Cointegration test, VEC and VAR approaches to find the evidences of those variables that are mentioned by the literature review are significantly related to the US inflation 8.Interpreting result 9.Conclusion 10.References 11. Appendix

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