I hereby declare that this dissertation is the result of my independent research and investigation. All the sources used in the study have been acknowledged through proper referencing in order to give credit to those who first came up with the ideas. This dissertation has never been submitted for another degree and is not currently submitted for any other degree. This dissertation was carried out under the able guidance of my supervisor, who worked with me tirelessly throughout the process to ensure that the final outcome met the requirements of the institution. I want to be a future human resource consultant and one of the challenges that I will be facing is biases and corruption at the workplace. This dissertation marks the beginning of my journey to try and solve the many challenges facing the human resource departments of many organisations in Nigeria and the rest of the world. This project has given me a better insight into the challenges facing employees at the workplace and the reasons why some organisations are unable to perform efficiently and effectively. The most important lesson that I got from the study is that challenges involving the human resource department must always be addressed as early as they are identified before they interfere with the morale of the employees. This thesis contributes to the general understanding of the human resource practices and what the human resource personnel ought to do to ensure that organisational operations go on as intended without any inhibitions for the aims and objectives to be achieved. The outcomes of this study will not only be helpful to organisations facing challenges with nepotism and favouritism but also researchers will to engage in more enquiry to ways of improving human resource practices through the removal of biases in the human resource department. It also contributes to the understanding of the nature of human beings and why they will choose to behave in a certain why at the expense of organisational success.

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