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Moral Obligation to Protect the Future of a Planet
Do people on planet earth have a responsibility to assume force to defend the future of a planet at risk? The response to this query is yes since it is for all the forms of life on the planet. One of the reasons why action should be taken to protect the planet is because the environment helps protect different ecosystems (Moore, Kathleen, Michael 2011). As time has passed by, people have discovered that the ecosystems are more complicated than earlier thought and they are also deeply connected (Moore et al.,2011). Human alteration to one ecosystem either through environmental pollution or voluntary manipulation, can actually render many species in danger of extinction, resulting in the need to protect a planet on the verge of peril (Moore et al.,2011). It also leads to protection of mankind. A huge deal of contamination ends up dissembling creatures that individual later ingest resulting to the ingestion of toxins by humans (Moore et al.,2011).

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