Communist Manifesto
Enlightenment idea ? The Bourguise ? Proletariat Disparity
The communist manifesto by Karl Marx was first based on the history of capitalism which was to be replaced by socialism. The communist manifesto is meant to explain how the current society lives. Marx has characterized modern society as the proletariat and bourgeoisie (Marx and Engels, 3). The proletarian is referred to be the working class in the community. In contrast, the bourgeoisie is directed to those who own wealth and provide work to the proletariats. The major manifesto was to ensure that the capitalist motive was overthrown as it was harmful to society. Marx informed that the proletariats needed to find strategies in which they could get to power. There was a need to ensure minimal exploitation of workers, and the production process’s benefit was again to all participants in society. It would promote equal development across all, which would limit class war in the community. There was a disparity between property owners and the workers, and there was limited access to various resources and opportunities. The working class was restricted from working for the bourgeoisie as they continued making more profits and participated in the governance process.

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