T??????????????????????he Statement of Interest What Makes a Good Doctoral Statement of Interest? Tips for applicants. The statement
needs to reflect who you are, what research interests you have and what would make you an asset to the program in
500 words minimum (2 pages, double spaced, 12 font). It must be brief, concise, direct and clear. Use headings if
needed. Make it easy to read. Remember the admissions committee reads hundreds of applications. Your Statement
must stand out in form and substance. At the doctoral level your statement should include: A brief comment of what
you want to accomplish in the doctoral program, and what motivated you to choose your field and the particular
program to which you are applying. A brief summary of your intended program of research. You should include:
Research questions you are curious about The kinds of theoretical framings you would like to engage in your
research program The existing research you hope to extend Ide??????????????????????ntify how your interests align with the expertise within
the Faculty. You should write about: Why you want to come to York?s Faculty of Education (as opposed to
elsewhere)? Make an explicit connection between your interests and faculty expertise We celebrate diversity
amongst our students. You should discuss what you: Have to offer the doctoral cohort you may potentially join Bring
to the program and your colleagues Your active involvement in the field Identify in the statement how your past
studies and/or work or other experiences are relevant to your research program choice ????????????-
The nam of the program ?Education: Language, Culture, and teaching? My research interest is how to integrate Saudi
English literature in the saudi education system or curriculum ?or any subject related to this area? * The Contemporary
Saudi Novel in English My focus is Language, Culture, teaching … ((I?m open fo??????????????????????r any modifications or suggestions

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