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The Impact of Diversity and Globalization on International Firm’s Ability to Foster Commitment and Performance in the Workplace
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Chapter 2: Literature review PAGEREF _Toc39706681 h 6
Chapter 3: Research Methodology PAGEREF _Toc39706682 h 11
Chapter 4: Research finding and analysis PAGEREF _Toc39706683 h 15
Chapter 5: Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc39706684 h 30
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Diverse demographics at the workplace, including race/ethnicity, gender, and age, may affect teams’ productivity, especially when such attributes are viewed negatively by coworkers. The research goal was to establish the impact of the employee’s diversity and globalization on the employee’s commitment and performance at the workplace. Furthermore, the research sought to establish the role of diversity in the productivity of individual employees and the overall growth of the company
The study revealed that the KPMG branch in Algeria has a diverse workforce in terms of age, gender, years of work experience, natural countries of birth, educational background, and global work expertise. The employees also believe that working in diverse teams improves productivity in the organization, improves their skills, and makes them understand other cultures. The research recommends that further investigations be conducted to determine employees’ expectations of a typical diverse workplace. The studies should also determine why Asians are the preferred employees of choice at KPMG in Algeria. Finally, the researchers should work closely with management when undertaking such investigations.

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