5 events in early American History
United States of America has had a lot of events in its history, some of which were negative while others were positive. Even in time when the outcomes of the events were not as pleasant, these events remain important for everyone in the United States. This paper will highlight five memorable events in early American history.
The survival of Jamestown, the first English colony in America.
Jamestown was established in 1607. A dissention combination among the leaders of the colony, attacks from Indians, and shortages of food left it in completely bad shape. When the Virginia Company of London, its sponsor, heard of the state in which it was, it intervened and put the colony on a new footing completely. This was the first step by which it would take possession of the North America, bringing Protestantism to Indians, and produce commodities that were valuable for sale both abroad, as well as, at home. With the help of the Dutch and Polish, the colonists were able to improve the settlement. Jamestown?s survival, in the long term, influences profoundly the future of America (Horn, 2010).
Pontiac?s War
This was a war that was initiated in 1763. A woman named Pains and her accomplice were put to death following their murdering a British trader who was their master. Amherst, a British commander, ordered for them to be executed publicly, so as to demonstrate that they were colonial subjects who were answerable to the British law. Two weeks later, this led to a rebellion that remade the continent leading to revolution. The British then sought peace, as a result of the embarrassment from the costly war. Blaming Amherst was recalled in disgrace as he was blamed for the crisis that had occurred. A new commander, Thomas Gage, continued the advice of reconciliation from the superintendent of Northern Crown for Indian affairs. The British ten rebuilt their forts, and adopted a policy that was more generous. Pontiac, in 1966, then assured Johnson that if he expected to keep those Posts, they would then expect better returns from him. The Pontiac Rebellion resolution deepened between the colonists and the Indians as a result of the failure of the policy (Goodnough, 1970).
Boston Tea Party
Several score Americans, on the evening of 16th December 1973, in Boston, ran down to Griffin?s Wharf, where they got into three vessels of the British. What was happening was a political protest, which was being led by the sons of Liberty in Boston. The protest was against the policy tax of the British government, as well as, the East India Company. The East India Company controlled all imports of tea into the colonies. Boston officials refusal to return the shiploads of tea that was taxed to Britain led to a group of colonists destroying the tea by throwing it into the harbor. This was the culmination of a struggle in all the regions of British America, in opposition to the Tea Act, Which had been approved by the British legislative body in 1973. Objection by the colonialist to the Tea Act was due to their belief that the Act was in violation to the rights of Englishmen. The Tea Party was an event that was critical to the American Revolution growth. The thirteen colonies proved that direct action was sure to free them from the British Tyranny (Knight, & Wenzel, 1982).
A day to Remember: July 4, 1776 — Independence Day
America celebrates its Independence Day every year on Fourth of July, but the Continental Congress declared independence on Second of July 1776, which was two days earlier than the actual celebration day. The resolution had been introduced on the Seventh of June, when Richard Henry Lee rose in the Philadelphia meeting congress to propose what many delegates had been awaiting, from the time of the opening shots at Lexington and Concord of the American Revolution. Lee asked for the declaration of a new independent government that had the capacity to form alliances and design a plan for the separate Colonies confederation. Many in the Congress were leery of the proposal that Lee was making despite the sen

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