ENGL 1301
26 May 2020
Theft, defiance, and recklessness are just a few affects that impact the lives of children affected by antisocial behavior. Children who normally exhibit traits of antisocial behavior disorder typically are subjected to dome sort of violence. It may vary from the effect of a negative home life to violence in the community. While there are numerous programs available for children that are associated with the disorder at home and in schools, there are not enough resources available in the community. Ensuring the public?s safety and well-being is a major government concern and it is very important that the children of the future have access to full resources available to maintain their role to leading a healthy and successful life. Many children that are associated with antisocial disorder are witnesses to violence in their own homes and communities. The healthy children coincidentally fall victim as well as the children facing difficulties with a disorder that with the right amount of resources, as well as programs that are set in the area in which they are most needed. Research has found that children living in communities that have a high level of violence are subject to being associated with conduct disorders. The government must provide more resources in neighborhoods with the highest levels of violence to help prevent antisocial behaviors.

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