Knowledge-Based Effectiveness in Management
The key aim of the research is to determine the effectiveness of knowledge-based approach to management of government projects in Kingdom of Bahrain. There are key factors that affect the effectiveness of the knowledge-based approach to the management of government projects in the Kingdom of Bahrain. First, the unique elements of the knowledge-based approach that makes it vital to use in the government projects will be evaluated. That is, the reasons why the knowledge-based approach is favorable to use instead of other management techniques. Second, a consideration of whether it has succeeded in other projects elsewhere. Third, favorable factors encourage for the use of the knowledge-based approach in Bahrain government projects. Last, consider whether it has ever succeeded in the management any government project in Bahrain. The literature review will cover the four critical areas.
Knowledge is a requirement for the success of projects especially for concurrent engineering, hence the need to adopt approaches that ensure the capturing and organization of different knowledge (Alhawari, et al, 2012, 50). The argument is knowledge helps people understand the different options they have in different scenarios, hence the emphasis in the development of the communication and information infrastructure will help fulfill the need for knowledge (Tah and Carr, 2001, p. 170).

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