the task in this sample was to select a species that has gone extinct in the past two centuries and provide answers to several given questions concerning the specific species. Some of the questions that were answered in the sample include
a. What species did you research and why?
b. Where was this species originally located and what sort of habitat did it occupy?
c. What categories of extinction vulnerabilities listed in Chapter 5 (attached) affected this species? List as many as apply.
d. What other biological or ecological traits may have contributed to its extinction?
e. Did it have one dominant feature that was predictive of extinction, or a combination of such features?
f. Does this species have a living relative? If so, is its living relative endangered or threatened with extinction? What traits do the living species share with the extinct species that makes it vulnerable?
the sample describes the species that I selected which was the passenger pigeon. It answers the above questions using the passenger pigeon as the extinct species. The scientific name and the origin of the passenger pigeon are described in detail in this sample. The sample used three credible sources and some sources given in the initial instructions which were mainly websites.

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