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A Review of the Code of the Suburb
Many times when we think of people dealing with drugs, we tend to think of it happening in the urban, disadvantaged crime-ridden streets. However, drugs are everywhere, even in the top-tier schools and upscale suburbs. The teenage users in the suburbs buy the drugs from their peer dealers with their cultural Code. Richard Wright and Scott Jacques offer a fascinating experience of the dealers in the suburbs in their book Code of the Suburb. The book focuses on interviews conducted among 30 young people selling and dealing drugs in the middlesuburbia(Jacques &Wright, 2013). The authors parse the complicated Code that governs the relationship between the sellers, police, drug dealers, and other suburbanites by drawing on the lives of the teens in a wealthy suburb in Atlanta. The Code in The Suburb differs from that in the rural areas in one significant respect: the drug dealers in the urban consider vengeance and violence as a necessity to security and status, and the opposite is exact for the dealers in the suburbs (Jacques & Wright, 2013). Jacques and Wright illustrate how the dealers in the suburbs accord status to the deliberate avoidance of conflict, which makes them more peaceful, thus reducingtheir chances of being noticed by law enforcement. In an attempt to offer insights into the suburban andurban dealers, the Code of The Suburb will benefit the policymakers and scholars.

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