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Arthur S. Brooks pointed out in his book “Conservative Heart” that after years of focusing on economic growth and traditional social values, it is time to adopt a new type of conservatism to help the future generation. In Brooks’ bold vision, this conservative movement fights poverty, promotes equal opportunities, celebrates success, and values ​​spiritual enlightenment. This is an inclusive sport with a favorable schedule that can help people live happier, more hopeful, and more fulfilling lives.
Brooks is one of America’s leading political researchers and thinkers and studied these issues for decades. Based on years of research on the source of happiness, he said that people first need four “meaningful institutions”: faith, family, community, and meaningful work. These are the foundation of personal well-being and the tools required to build a better country (Evenett, 2019).
The conservative core combines the report, original research, and case studies without any offensive policies, making it a good and convincing renewal statement. This is a clear, controversial, and easy-to-use strategy. It is a welcome new strategy for dissatisfied conservatives who seek new and feasible ideas to deal with the severe challenges we face today. Rebuild our future, and it is designed for citizens who believe in their political independence. No political party can meet their needs or concerns.
Brooks is the president of the American Enterprise Institute, a think tank based in Washington, which, according to its website, “is committed to expanding freedom, empowering individuals and promoting free enterprise.” The American Enterprise Institute officially announced the mission, and the academic community believes it to be true. It is an outstanding producer of conservative political research and a retired political appointment outpost among farmers and the Republican government. 
Brooks draws attention to conservatives’ image problems today and proposes solutions. The target audience

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