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Marketing Discussion
Franz Schrepf is a student at the University of Amsterdam, concentrating on business and economics. He challenges the viewers to look at their lives from another angle and applies the core values of marketing ,and persuade the viewers that success is not in any way dependent on luck. Schrepf gives an example of Coca-Cola vendors providing their merchandise in the right place at the right time(Schrepf, 2021).
If one needs to succeed in marketing, they need to focus on the 4 Ps or 4 Cs of marketing; the speaker showed that it was nonchallenging to change and market the merchandise to achieve set objectives. Schrepf funnily summarizes the fundamentals of marketing using a good example: human behavior. Initially, Schrepf presumed that the vital thing the satisfied shopper needs is ?yourself and your capacities.? The orator also said finding client needs is a challenging job(Schrepf, 2021).
Research and development are fundamental, and it includes activities that an organization undertakes to launch new goods and services. It is usually the first step in the product development (Li, et al,2021).The objective is typically to introduce new merchandise in the market and later add value. Even after introducing a product in the market, companies should not always relax and expect it to sell. They need to continually innovate and update their products according to trends and customers? demands(Ndofirepi, et al,2020).
In conclusion, Companies need to explore marketing and promotion techniques to make their products known in the market. There iare a lot of merchandises in the market, and every company is trying to sell their products using different marketing strategies, which can make the products unique or be bought by the customers?. Companies must also focus on innovation, rese

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