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Table of Contents TOC o “1-3” h z u Abstract PAGEREF _Toc9061520 h 3Introduction PAGEREF _Toc9061521 h 4a. Background PAGEREF _Toc9061522 h 4b. Significance of Research PAGEREF _Toc9061523 h 5Significant Prior Research PAGEREF _Toc9061524 h 5Thesis Statement PAGEREF _Toc9061525 h 5Approach PAGEREF _Toc9061526 h 6Search Plan PAGEREF _Toc9061527 h 7List of main bibliographic sources PAGEREF _Toc9061528 h 8Biographical Sources- Evaluation PAGEREF _Toc9061529 h 8Potential Outcomes PAGEREF _Toc9061530 h 13Contributions to Knowledge PAGEREF _Toc9061531 h 13Proposed Dissertation Chapters PAGEREF _Toc9061532 h 14References PAGEREF _Toc9061533 h 15
Numerous literatures have established the different perceptions related to identity of the African Americans in the society. However, my main concern in the study would be focused on literatures that have established a connection with the idea finding identity of the African Americans and the struggles associated with establishing the perception in the mainstream society. Consequently, the intended study and proposed research will address the portrayal of the African American identity in the society and the manner in which the literature works try to make the people attain their lost identity through the past struggles and the present practices. The dissertation chapters would give the interpretations of the contemporary struggles of identity as perceived by the authors and the importance of its establishment in the society. From the articles and the books that will be used, the concept will be explained by the authorship and time of the practices from the perception of the black intellectuals, former slaves and archeologists. Therefore, as these issues related to identity are explained by the three books, they will reflect on the dynamic nature in relation to identity and the importance of the African roots as a source of giving the people strength during the struggle to the present.
After the African were introduced into the American society as slaves, it has been difficult for them to associate themselves to their roots while at the same time they have struggled to find themselves in a better place within the American society. The integral part of understanding the African American society is based in the historical context of their position in the society and the manner in which they can be understood in a different way as they have already position themselves to be part of the American society. However, they have struggled to explain their identity based on the political and social functions that they have been associated with in the past and the present. Therefore, the intended study aims to make African American find their space in the American society without being seen in the African context as they no longer practice the issues related to the African roots. Therefore, the books titled Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison, Native Son by Richard Wright, and The Street by Ann Petry, give an interpretation of the position of the African American individuals in the society and their vulnerability to stereotypes. Therefore, with the help of the books, the study will be able to establish the topic on the losing and searching for the identity in the African American Novels. The subject study will also focus on other books and their connection to the study.
a. Background

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