This is a Short-story. The writer should find the appropriate tone to make the story very appealing and easy to digest.
the following is not exhaustive, ( its just indicative) . Thank you for adding connected ideas and great content.
It’s a love/ relationship pacts of a young pretty girl between her boyfriend and her girlfriend
– Her mother became a single mom after a long dispute with her mom and Dad over a family issue in a countryside of BC, Canada in a very small town.
– Her mother struggled to raise her up and to send her to school and finally past away when she was in grade 7
– Her best classmate (boy)at school was very supportive of her, they became loving partners and had their first blood pact to live together for the rest of their life. Both of them did not like social media
– For some reason, they lose contact (not because of her)
– She moved to a big city (Victoria), found a job in a big café, she became emancipated, discover her true self, discover her attraction to females, met another pretty young girl on a Valentine day, fall in love and had the second Blood Pact.
– After a few years, she started to have the condition of the 1 st blood pact being more and more present in her mind and spirit, in fact she had never forgot her ex-boyfriend
– for Many months and days while still cohabitating with her new partner, she is convinced to have seen her old boyfriend with whom she had the 1st blood pacts
– One day she decided to go back to the village she grew up to put a flower on her mom’s headstone in the cemetery
– The guy saw her on her way back
Now she is struggling to keep both relationships……

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