Pop Music, Chapter 6 Review
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The book, “Popular culture: Introductory Perspectives” is written by Marcel Danesi. Marcel Danesi is a well-known semanticist, linguist, and anthropologist presently an instructor at The University of Toronto. The book was published by Blue Ridge Summit publishers in the year 2015. The main aim of the author in the book is to explore the social structures that have led to the rise and spread of popular culture, showing how it validates our common involvements and influences a variety of viewpoints on its many styles of distribution into our normal lives. The book, especially its title discovers our human desire for meaning and the need to represent it in music, language, art, and other creative forms. It offers different viewpoints to help us appreciate the products of popular culture.
The author defined popular culture as pop culture definable as a pastiche culture with its mixture of levels (Danesi, 2015). The term popular culture is too broad and often misunderstood especially when pitted against the communal thought of the term culture. The author does a marvelous job by giving the reader an entirety of the explanation of popular culture with a position that makes it well-balanced research. The book is aimed at supporting learners on popular culture, and it also assists as s foundation of orientation by instructors. The book is organized in different sections of popular culture such as radio, music, cinema, television, and advertising.

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