Personal Statement for applying World Masters in Language Teaching (WMLT) Chinese and English dual degree
Having been a professional teacher and an accountant in the Chinese contexts, I have gathered massive experience on curriculum delivery. Throughout my background as a teacher at ?A Little Dynasty Chinese School, Irvine, CA? has enabled me to develop keen interest in languages especially in English and Chinese. Ideally, I have met students from within and without the borders of China encountering various experiences. Unlike the previous encounters in accounting and business oriented roles, I have developed special interest in multilingual studies. Understanding the diversity of languages and cultural dimensions in various prospects of development. I seek to merge the Chinese linguistics aspects with those envisaged in English studies. The intention of this statement is to elucidate my potential into becoming one of the best multi-lingual teachers in Chinese-English curriculum. The degree is very unique in the sense it brings together two different scopes of societies through language study.

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