Individual Report: Leisure Shopping in Macau
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Individual Report: Leisure Shopping in Macau
Shopping remains a daily activity for millions of people around the world. It is an activity that some people consider a form of interaction between people. However, others argue that trips have no direct links with shopping. It then levels down to whether a person is out to shop on purpose or as a pleasure. The latter referred to as leisure shopping in this report, comprises people engaging in shopping as a desire. It is not necessarily out of a need to use the goods but for the pleasure involved in using these goods. It remains the responsibility of the retailing enterprise to encourage visitors to explore and consequently buy some of their products. The report focuses on leisure associated with tourist destinations. It identifies the weaknesses of leisure shopping in Macau and gives supported recommendations.
Choi et al. (2016) present that shopping has become a significant tourist activity that accounts for a considerable amount of tourism expenditure. The research, therefore, implies that there exists a direct link between a well-established leisure shopping destination and the period a tourist is likely to stay. In the same scope, different sites compete for leisure shopping in the tourism market. Most tourist destinations provide malls and other shopping areas as tourist attractions.
Problems of Leisure Shopping Facilities and Activities in Macau
The most popular goods that tourists find in Macau include jewelry, branded clothes, and Chinese antiques. Tourists also buy pieces of art, such as pottery and porcelain. An important site that has influenced the writing of the report is the Landmark Macau, which has entertainment facilities and fashion shops for visitors. Taipa Village has numerous pastry shops and bazaars. Macau offers great leisure shopping deals to visitors. Tourists flood Rua S Domingo and Senado Square for designer clothing and Chinese artwork. However, social problems have continued to trouble this luxurious tourist destination. The difficulties have equally hindered leisure shopping, as well.

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