Agnes Zinc
P.O BOX 7865
New York
Dear James
Hope you are fine and well. Am writing you this letter to congratulate you on your decision to further your studies, I receive this great news from Aunty Pauline who was over joyed to learn that you will be furthering your studies. This was a wise choice that you made and I totally agree with you that you made the best choice in choosing to further your studies.
However since it has been a while since you were in a Lecture room, you will face some new challenges that you did not face before. Some of the challenges that I anticipate you will get are, you will meet with fresh graduates who have just graduated from college. So please be prepared to feel out of place since you will be like their grandfather. Another great difficulty you will experience is that since you left college some ten years ago they no longer offer notes instead they offer lecture notes on tablets. A personal advice t

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