RHIT Exam Success Rate
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RHIT Exam Success Rate
This study aims to identify the factors that influence examination success rate when testing for credentials in national Registered Health Information Technician RHIT. Data will be obtained from more than one learning institution to complete the study. The institutions selected for review should be accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Health Informatics and Information Management (CAHIM). Students will test for the RHIT after completing an associate degree program while in their final term. This research paper, will investigate the factors that influenced the RHIT results and how they can be improved to promote positive outcome.
The study setting is based in Portland Community College (PCC) within the department of health information management. Notably, PCC qualifies to be involved in this study because it offers accredited programs recognized by CAHIM. Being an accredited program, graduates can easily take RHIT examination as well as participate in entry-level work with hospitals offering the health information management program (Robi, 2017). Moreover, the success rate for most graduates at PCC is often higher since they pass the exams at the first attempt. The scores are also high based on the national average for every given domain (Robi, 2017). Therefore, the study will obtain data using an alternative program that has low scores and low first-time passing rate in order to establish the factors that influence success in the RHIT exams.
Over the years, hospitals have undergone great transformations that have changed the ways in which they operate. In particular, departments formerly known as medical records were renamed to health information management due to increased number of responsibilities caused by the introduction of electronic health records. To that extent, RHIT credentials have become major requirements for hospitals seeking to recruit employees in positions above entry-level. Furthermore, RHIT program is preferable for medical coders at the entry level over coding certificate programs. The credentials are also a major requirement for an increase in job opportunities, salaries, and status quo.

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