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Article # 1: Alvarez, Sharon A., and Jay B. Barney. “Entrepreneurial opportunities and poverty alleviation.” Entrepreneurship theory and practice 38.1 (2014): 159-184.
This article provides that not all entrepreneurial activities contribute to economic growth. As a result, there have been policies to improve human capital, access to finances, and property protection rights, which have been used in reducing poverty. Entrepreneurs have taken initiatives to reduce the rate of poverty at the international level. This article finds out that the level of success in these efforts vary greatly, as some may not lead to success. There is a need for further research on the need for the creation of self-employment opportunities to reduce the level of poverty.
Article #2: Hanlon, Charlotte, et al. “Challenges and opportunities for implementing integrated mental health care: a district level situation analysis from five low-and middle-income countries.” PloS one 9.2 (2014).
This article looks at the challenges that are experienced in the implementation of integrated mental healthcare. Besides, it delves into the importance of having mental healthcare in place to reduce suffering among middle-income citizens. However, further research needs to be carried on the role of NGO in helping to reduce mental suffering among middle-income earners. This paper is inadequate and must use other studies for literature review.

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