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Table 6: Correlation of “NO” Responses by Student Leaders and Managers PAGEREF _Toc16015679 h 18
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Table 8: Questionnaire Form PAGEREF _Toc16015681 h 26
Chapter 1: Introduction
Background Information
The Role of AB Group in Improving People?s Mental Emotional Status
The Assured Benefits Group (AB Group) provides and distributes a wide range of health and wellbeing benefits to end-user groups, such as Clubs, Associations, Charities, Employers, Social Landlords and so forth CITATION Ass19 l 2057 (Assured Benefits Group, 2019). Their generous benefits provider serves over 1 million users and focuses on direct solutions in the mental wellbeing and physical wellbeing sectors, by delivering counselling services to broad user groups, accessed via a simple App, where will have a user speaking with a trained counsellor, immediately by phone. However, end-user groups of different settled establishments are well organised in time work, meetings, goals, achievements, when compared to a disastrous and variable schedule of University students. Therefore, the service provider may struggle to be in contact when need it and may represent a challenge to deliver the service.
The AB Group has a masterful mental health and wellbeing solution, which can provide University students immediate access to wellbeing help, via a simple App 24/7, which will connect them by a phone call with a professional counsellor, 24 hours of every day. Besides, the service includes programmes of planned telephone-based counselling, for six sessions of counselling per stress event CITATION Ass19 l 2057 (Assured Benefits Group, 2019). This App based delivery meets the digital expectations of students and places the solution for this huge problem directly with the end user to access whenever and as often as they need that help. Nevertheless, the AB Group would like to link their programme service to research and to find routes to improve it, which constitutes the research aim and objectives of this research.
The Expansion of Mental and Emotional Healthcare Programs to Universities
Schools, especially colleges and universities, have recently been some of the primary centres to be targeted by mental health and wellness programs CITATION KLa16 l 2057 (Lai, et al., 2016). Clinicians, advocates, and even the policymakers have increased their level of involvement with schools to ensure that many illnesses and disorders are prevented or managed in various institutions. Schools are being targeted because they are the most common entry into the MH problems. The targeting happens in many countries across, not forgetting powerful countries like the United States, China, and Germany. Some of the health problems that affect the welfare of students include MH disorders, lifestyle diseases, and other comorbidities. Among them, MH disorders are the most prominent because student undergoes several radical transitions from their comfortable home lifestyles to a more severe school lifestyle CITATION NLe17 l 2057 (Lever, et al., 2017). Also, among the feared conditions prominent among university students is substance abuse disorders (SAD), which in most cases, are usually as a result of stress, anxiety, and depression.

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