PhD in Control Systems: A Research Proposal
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PhD in Control Systems: A Research Proposal
Electrical engineering is at heart of modern innovation. Compared to parallel STEM (Science, Engineering, Technology and Math) disciplines, electrical engineering ? and, for that matter, Technology ? has long been established as a critical conceptual and applied discipline for growth within and across different business and social endeavors and activities. Intuitively, electrical engineering has come to be current research proposal?s author major of choice at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The past academic and professional interests, combined by current and future research and career prospects, inform, accordingly, current research proposal.
As a professional engineer who has received his foundational, undergraduate engineering education in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), excelled at a US-based full-funded scholarship at MSc level, current research proposal?s author continues to invest in his academic and professional growth. More specifically, current research author?s central aim is to pursue an academic career in electrical engineering after completing a PhD degree at one (or more) US-based university. For current purposes, Stanford University is a primary option. Stanford University is, as explained in further detail in subsequent section, best fits current research author?s academic, professional and, more generally, life interests. The choice of Control Systems as a concentration area of electrical engineering at Stanford University is, moreover, similarly congruent to current research proposal?s medium- and long-range research and professional interests.

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