Nonprofit Paradox
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Nonprofit Paradox
Many organizations are being faced with the challenge of the nonprofit paradox. The nonprofit paradox occurs when the organization is unable to attain its original goal. This paradox includes: how the organization is managed, how it can provide the solution to the problems it is intended to solve, and how the organization relates with its staff and stakeholders. The nonprofit paradox, in most cases, affects the organization’s effectiveness and how the staff delivers their services. There are many ways in which the organization is affected by the nonprofit paradox.
First, the productivity of the organization decreases when the organization leader mistreats the staff. Many organizations that are meant to find solutions to individuals who have been abused find it hard to come up with the solutions (Piana, D.2010). The leaders sometimes abuse the organization’s staff. The staff cannot report the abusive cases to the authority since it may tarnish the organization’s reputation. The organization’s effectiveness is affected by this paradox, and it isn’t straightforward for it to achieve its goals.
Furthermore, organizations are faced with nonprofit paradox in how they handle and manage their staff. Organizations that are meant to provide solutions to the individuals who are being tortured and being mistreated in the community cannot help. Torture happens as a result of the organization mistreating and overloading their staff. The staff of the organization feels like they are being overused and being tortured. This paradox makes it very difficult for the organization to help individuals with torture cases in the community since they are facing the same problem. No solution is obtained if the organization faces challenges with the problem it is supposed to solve.
The excellent well fare of the staff should be a priority of any organization leader. As a leader, it is essential to monitor how the organization staff behaves and interrelates with each other while working. As a leader, it’s essential to ensure that the organization’s staff is not faced with the nonprofit paradox to achieve its goal. Moreover, the leader

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