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Foundation of Study PAGEREF _Toc25052390 h 1
problem statement PAGEREF _Toc25052391 h 2
Overview PAGEREF _Toc25052392 h 2
Significance of Study PAGEREF _Toc25052393 h 3
Research Question/Hypothesis PAGEREF _Toc25052394 h 4
Overall Objective PAGEREF _Toc25052396 h 5
Specific Aims PAGEREF _Toc25052397 h 5
Documentation PAGEREF _Toc25052399 h 5
Qatari Public Sector PAGEREF _Toc25052400 h 6
Theoretical framework PAGEREF _Toc25052401 h 7
Employee motivation theories PAGEREF _Toc25052402 h 8
research design and methods PAGEREF _Toc25052403 h 8
Population and Study Sample PAGEREF _Toc25052404 h 8
Sample Size and Selection of Sample PAGEREF _Toc25052405 h 9
Sources of Data PAGEREF _Toc25052406 h 9
Collection of Data PAGEREF _Toc25052407 h 9
Exposure Assessment PAGEREF _Toc25052408 h 9
Data Management PAGEREF _Toc25052409 h 10
Data Analysis Strategies PAGEREF _Toc25052410 h 10
Ethics and Human Subjects Issues PAGEREF _Toc25052411 h 10
Timeframes PAGEREF _Toc25052412 h 11
Public Health Significance PAGEREF _Toc25052414 h 12
Budget and Motivation PAGEREF _Toc25052415 h 12
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Low employee performance in public organizations in Qatar has been a subject of concern for many years. Most leaders, especially in KM, rarely understand the significance of motivating employees; hence, the workers’ productivity and outcome of work are low. This study seeks to add useful insights into the literature on employee performance and job motivation in Qatar.
The mixed research methods approach will be used in this study. Online questionnaires will be adopted to collect the relevant data for use in making inferences about the role of motivation in improving employee performance.
The results of this research will be highly significant in academics and contribute to the literature on employee motivation and how motivation affects employees? performance. This study seeks to establish the significance of motivation in influencing employees? performance. An essential element in this evaluation will be the role of managers in motivating employees. As such, the researcher hopes to find out whether or not there is a significant relationship between leadership styles and employee performance based on the pay factor.
Discussion and Conclusion
Despite the public servants being the drivers of the Qatari economy, the majority of public organizations in Qatar do not value the role of employee motivation. Such a state of affair is attributable to the adoption of poor leadership styles in which the leaders do not appreciate the input of the employees, as evident in the case of KM. Therefore, there is a need for public organizations to adopt better leadership styles, such as transformational leadership, to boost the productivity of the employees through diverse motivation approaches.
Foundation of the Study
Employee motivation is an essential element that influences the level of productivity in an organization. Even with the changing business environments, organizations, irrespective of their sizes, are fighting to keep their most productive employees. The lack of motivation among the employees in a given work setting adversely affects the productivity of the organization. With the growing need for organizations to retain their performing employees, it is becoming necessary for organizations to understand the significance of extrinsic and intrinsic motivation on employee performance (Singh 2016). One of the secrets of employee motivation is ensuring that they feel appreciated for their efforts. Therefore, organizations should understand the best techniques needed to motivate workers. For example, they can start by creating robust and positive relationships with their employees and offer them the necessary help whenever required.

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