3.0 Methodology
3.1 The Study Design
The research purportedly aims at discussing important series events which boosted through time and narratives (Winter, 2002, p.143). Based on the information, which is discussed by Kothari (2004) illustrates that research procedure is a logical means of evaluating report discourse. It also stipulates that research methodology is critical techniques that normally being used when carrying out the study. Therefore, this chapter stands to analyses some of the procedures which I used to research as well as briefed my projects concerning findings obtained from the projects. However, when was looking for the better methods, I began my projects by explaining epistemology disposition before looking into theory as well as practices of the cation study that lies within the context of the research.
As noted by Hussein (2015), the design of a research is said to be known by the study paradigm. According to the author, the research design shows a logical framework that incorporates the methods of caring out the research and the process of gathering information. Robson and McCartan (2016) claimed that significant study frameworks are linked to psychological mechanisms. To elaborate this point, the process of gathering information and analysis as well as well the manner in which it is interpreted assist in justifying the approach of the research. The focus on this research is said to be associated to the paradigm of collecting and analyzing data.

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