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This is my uncompleted marketing plan I just need you finish
??Marketing Strategies?? Psychographics?Media Habits of Consumers?Product/Services Position?Product Strategies?Pricing Strategies?Promotion Strategies Executive Summary:Ping’s garden was started in 1985 as a small restaurant in albany. As the years continued it grew to something much more. From a mom and pop 30-50 person capacity to a 257 person capacity. The owners Ping and Kuen built there own restaurant from the ground up. Many people who come to pings are either elderly people over 55 and families around there 30’s. Ping’s has always kind of been a family oriented restaurant with large portions that many people can share. Talking to Ping, he said, ?We have seen a raise in customers over the past few years after the economy started getting better. Marketing Objectives 1.To bring a bigger range of customers into the restaurant 2.Social media presence 3.To increase athe flow of customers coming into the restarunt on a daily baysis. THIS GOALS DUPLICATES GOAL NUMBER 1, SO LET’S INSERT ANOTHER TARGET GOAL ? THANKS, rob Marketing Strategies (Actions) Ping’s overall does pretty well for itself it has a 4.1 / 5 on Facebook but yet it doesn’t have a facebook account. I want to help the owners create the Facebook account so they have more of an online presence. Implementation (Action Plan) I’m working on a survey and i will go to the restaurant and sit there and hand out a paper survey — Situation Analysis: Internal Environment Value Proposition- We provide freshly prepared Chinese cuisine with large portions and a family friendly environment. Mission Statement-To provide quality family style chinese food at a reasonable price. Organizational Structure- The organization structure is a matrix structure with two mangagers Kuen manages the wait staff and the office. Ping manages the kitchen work and the inventory. Organizational Culture Most of the decision making goes to ping and kuen but usually take sugestions from their employees. Current Products/Services- There is a wide variety of different types of American Chinese foods on the menu. From seafood, different types of noodles, soups chicken dishes, beef dishes and so on. We also offer food for takeout if you don’t want to eat in the restaurant. Markets-Ping’s has a big market with the 30-55 range because we have been open so long I think the customer base grew up with the restaurant. So now they take their family to Ping’s. This makes pings more of a family restaurant. Customers/Sales Performance- Business Patterns (Cycles, Key Customers) Distribution- We only have one location at 1206 SE 9th Ave, Albany, OR 97322 that stays open from Tuesday to Sunday. Only closed on specific holidays and 2 weeks in june/july. External Environment Competition- The more notable restaurants that sells the same type of food that we do is Lum Yun, AB Chinese, Yummy House, the biggest one I would say is Panda express and Sam city. Those are mostly the direct competition. There is more than that any other restaurants that are open in Albany big company chains. Also grocery stores like Safeway or grocery stores in general more things like frozen chinese foods like from PF Chang’s and Panda Express making it easier to get chinese food without going to a restaurants. Safeway also has a deli that also serves chinese food. People have easy access to get chinese food while getting their groceries. Another easy access to chinese food would be Panda Express they provide chinese food but make it quick to get and take togo no waiting like Pings where we provide fresh cooked food when ordered. Economy- When people don’t have money they don’t go out to eat as much. We can’t do much to change this maybe offering coupons or lowering the price of things on certain days or times would help compensate for not having money. Technology For technology Ping’s only has a website but other sites have an impact on Ping’s any rating sites like Yelp or google has a huge impact on how business runs. Hopefully with the addition of our Facebook page we can make our name more known. Political and Legal Sociocultural (Values and Beliefs) SWOT Analysis Strengths- Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Marketing Objectives (Goals): Operating a successful and efficient Chinese restaurant in Albany with a workforce, not exceeding ten persons. Obtaining a minimum of approximately one hundred regular clientele after the facebook built. Increasing a reasonable net profit towards because of facebook advertising campaign. Marketing Strategies: Target Markets The target market for Ping’s Garden restaurant are families and people who like chinese food around Albany area. There are almost 52000 people live in there which is a big enough business that we have a following customer base. After 25 years open, the Ping’s Garden restaurant is accomplished our good public praise, and achieve a large number of regular clientele. Demographics ? Population: 51210 ? 51% male / 49% female ? Median age: 35.2 ? Very evenly spread age demographics, over 50% people are around 25-45 ? Not diverse, around 90% white ?Almost 39000 population in families living in Albany which is over 75% of total. Psychographics Media Habits of Consumers Product/Services Position Product Strategies Pricing Strategies Promotion Strategies

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