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REVOLUTIONARY MOTHERS is a book written by Carol Berkin and it’s a historical collections and evidence of how women were involved in the struggle for independence. It was originally published in 2005. Ms Berkin writes about how women’s contributions shaped the outcome of the revolutionary war. Her research was done to prove how women had active roles in the war despite history forgetting them and focusing on men only. She writes how women of all social classes high and low, ordinary and famous women contributed immensely to the struggle for independence. She focusses on revolutionary tales of women from all races, African-American, Native Americans and the colonial white women to prove her thesis.
The first chapter of the book is called “The Easy task of Obeying”. It focuses on the roles of women in the 15th and 16th colonial periods. Women never used to be educated during these periods. They used to please their men as well as being in charge of simple household roles thus leaving the intellectual ones to men. Women started accumulating wealth gradually and this led to the rise of wealthy women in the society

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