This is a 15 pages dissertation paper. The final paper will cover: an introduction, literature review, and (most importantly) methods section designed to reduce uncertainty about a key question that plagues your area of study, and the conclusion. Please send to me your draft or outline in two days. Because I have a presentation on next Monday and I have to build on my slides right away. ** You can change the topic I gave to you, but your topic should be related to the relationship between OTA (online travel agents) and hotels. I have some articles for you to review. And you can still find out your own reference sources. Please include at least 7 references. PRESENTATION AND PAPER Your paper will serve as the culmination of your work in this class. To jump-start your thinking, here?s the framework (note that this is the same framework as chapters 1, 2, and 3 of an academic thesis or dissertation). If it seems overwhelming, do not worry — we will discuss all of this in greater detail during the semester (and of course, I am always available to discuss your specific research questions). PART ONE: Introduction ? The introduction should provide an overview of the project and why the project is important. In other words, it should answer the ?so what?? question. You should explain why this ?problem? is indeed problematic. Finally, you want to make sure you have defined all of the key terms you are using ? ideally, based upon previous definitions established by industry and/or the research literature. PART TWO: Literature Review ? The literature review should be composed of at least six references (10 for Ph.D. students), and should provide support for the importance of the study and the research questions that you are asking. It should also provide support for any hypotheses or propositions presented in the study. Methodologically, the literature review should provide insight into how the tools you have chosen are appropriate. In sum, show your reader that you have ?done your homework,? and that this project addresses a gap in our knowledge. PART THREE: Methodology ? The methodology section will provide an overview of your research process. The section will include information that outlines in a detailed fashion the exact procedures that you propose for your project. You should include discussions on ethics, sampling strategy, data collection, reliability and validity, generalizability, representativeness, and the procedures associated with the specific methodological ?tool? you have chosen. Please also include a conclusion. Thanks. ? Your paper should focus heavily upon the methodology component (as this is a research methods class). The introduction section and literature will be less detailed than a normal professional paper or thesis, while the methodology section should be as detailed. It is anticipated that this project will be around 15 double spaced pages (roughly 5 pages intro and lit review, a solid 10 pages of methods). The paper should include references and be formatted in APA style.

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