Carbon and Associated Gases Reduction for Sustainable Environment├┐
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Emissions carbon and gases associated with are among significant problems that the world faces. Such emissions consume useful produce harmful wastes, with other adverse effects on the environment. One such source of emissions is gas flares. Gas flares significantly produce greenhouse gases, which are environmental pollutants. There is a need to contribute to environmental sustainability by seeking alternative solutions to reduce emissions of carbon and associated gases. There is, therefore, a need to examine alternative approaches to gas flaring. This proposal seeks to analyze possible energy recapture from the gases for use in onsite electricity generation as a cost-effective alternative to flaring and combustion of gas. The research will explore several power plant technologies and their economic relevance, the cost-effectiveness of each approach will be assessed, and the economic and environmental benefits outlined. The research design will be mixed, involving desk research and case study. Data will be obtained from secondary sources through the data mining approach in desk research and from case data.

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