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Iago is an Embodiment of Evil
The Othello play has significantly revealed the wicked nature of human being. The play has been relevant to the today’s world, whereby evil is predominant among people. People are embracing the evil character rather the good nature of human being. Othello play has been an inspiration to the individuals in the society. The lessons derived from the Othello play can be a guide in the relationship between people in the society. The theme of revenge and hatred has dominated in the play. The disrespectful behavior of Iago instigated him to hurt people through his actions (Alqaryouti, Marwan,& Sadeq 77). The Shakespeare, author of the Othello play employs Iago as an embodiment of evil. He depicts the evil nature of human being in the society. The paper discusses Iago as an embodiment of evil in the Othello play.
Iago is an epitome of evil in Shakespeare’s play. Iago is a vengeful person that makes him evil. Iago openly says that he wants to revenge Othello for sleeping with his wife. The revenging act does not vindicate the actions of Iago. That makes him an embodiment of evil in the society. People should forgive each other and harmoniously coexist without the pleasure of hurting other people in the name of revenge.
Iago is an embodiment of evil in the Shakespeare play. Iago is extremely jealousy. The jealousy character is evident when Iago says that he does not care about the Othello affair with his wife. It is also evident when he says that Othello slept with his wife. Though, Iago did not have a smoke gun to prove his claims on Othello sleeping with his wife. Iago is jealous of the good relationship between Othello and his wife. Jealousy is an evil virtue for an individual to portray especially towards close friends. Jealousy can drive an individual to engage in evil activities.
Iago is an embodiment of evil in the play, which is displayed through his words. Iago is a racist epithet. The racist epithets character of Iago is depicted when he intentionally annoyed Desdemona’s father. Iago said “even now, now, very now, an old black ram is topping your white ewe (I. 1. 31.)” to Desdemona’s father. He went further ahead and said, “you’ll have your daughter covered with a Barbary horse, you’ll have your nephews neigh to you; you’ll have coursers for cousins and gannets for Germans.” The words portrayed Iago’s hatred toward Othello. The words did it not portray the enmity between Iago and Othello but also the hatred towards black people. The hatred of black people shows that the villainy in Iago. The words may also hurt the feelings of Brabantio and make him crazy. This villainy of Iago shows that Iago cannot accommodate the diverse race in the world making him pure evil in the contemporary society.
Othello’s author has configured his text to show the approval of never judge a book by its cover. In a conversation with Desdemona revealed he emphasize on the fairness and intelligence. He said the words” fairness and wit”. He says that fair and wit are characteristic that matches each other. He enunciates the aspect of outward appearance going hand in hand with individual wisdom. During the first speech of Iago, he states “but shows of service on their lord”. He also proclaims” I am not what I am”. The words from Iago speech and his emphasize of outside appearance shows the hypocritical his character. It depicts whatever he is speaking or doing may be completely opposite of his real character. Hypocrites in the society are commonly the perpetrators of evil in the society. It also portrays that Iago is not straightforward in his speech and actions but driven with hidden agenda, which may be evil. Othello’s author created a good image of the hypocritical character of Iago through making a good-looking, confident, trustful, and actually, in reality, he depicts the opposite portrayed characteristics. Hypocrisy has evil consequence in the society, which make Iago as an embodiment of evil in the society.
Iago is an embodiment of evil in the play through his betrayal of his friends. During the delivery of Iago’s speech, his true emotion and character were displayed in the Othello play. He changed to the imagery of “heart upon his sleeve”, which he turned in to having cruel jokes spoken with mocking tone. Iago’s friend such as Desdemona Cassio and Othello trusted him with their secrets. However, Iago passionately delivered his speech revealing secrets about his friends. He betrayed the honesty as well trust of Othello and Cassio. An individual who vomits out secrets of friends to the public is an enemy of the society. People who cannot be trusted are prone to have a detrimental impact on the relationship between friends in the society. The detrimental impact of relationship has been revealed in the destruction of Iago and Othello relationship.
Shakespeare has employed the character of Iago in the Othello play to show the evilness of people in the society. Iago is an embodiment of evil since he destroys people relationships and happiness to achieve his hidden motives. His evil acts to destroy the relationship of other with the strive to fulfill his goals. He destroyed the happiness of his boss Othello to uplifted his social class. People driven by a vindictive character are evil and “devil” in the society. the action of Iago does not justify his actions. Iago lacks humanity in him, thereby making him an embodiment of evil in the play.
Iago is an embodiment of evil. Pure evil is depicted through his main plan to create chaos in people’s lives. Iago played innocent while interacting with his friends. He had hidden evil motives to destroy his friends’ relationships. He destroyed the marriage of his commander Othello and Desdemona. Iago was motivated to cause despair to every person in his life even his own wife. Wicked people in the society are evil insofar as making other people suffer innocently.
Iago has been depicted as evil in the society through his sociopath character. Iago finds pleasure in committing evil acts. He wanted to revenge against Othello because he chose Cassio over his experience in the field. Iago was determined to seek his revenge at all cost. he never worried the destruction he might cause rather than fulfilling his vengeful quest. The kind of people with th

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