Dear Classmates,
Primarily, this is a comparative literary analysis focusing solely on the similarities between the ‘’The Lady with the Dog ‘’ by Anton Chekhov and ‘’ Interpreter of Maladies’’ by Jhumpa Lahiri. Both stories are similar in the context of the point of view of narration, the nature of the background or setting for the stories, character development, tone, genre, writing style or mode, toughness –subtle or complicated
The setting of both stories is dual as all the events unfolding in ‘’The Lady with the Dog’’ and ‘’Interpreter of Maladies’’’ all goes down in two places. The story ‘’The Lady with the Dog ‘’ has its background in Yalta in the Southern Ukraine and South Russia in Moscow.’ Interpreter of Maladies ‘’ has its setting in India and America specifically New England for the latter. The dual setting of the stories apparently serves the interests of the authors towards the accomplishment of the goals of the stories.

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