The complexities of the human condition in Hamlet
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Human beings are complex beings with a complex human system (Gurteen, 2020 ). Therefore, to be a complex human being means to have an awareness to create a relationship between the human body and the mind. It can have a further meaning, to as having the capability to have self-consciousness and abstract way of thinking (Hatcher, 2018). This essay aims at gaining insight into how the complexities of the human condition in Hamlet, steer a person’s action, based on Shakespeare’s claims. Shakespeare uses theme and characterizations as part of literary elements to develop a complex character within Hamlet.
First, Shakespeare uses the theme of women to explain clearly the complexities of human character. Hamlet is seen to disapprove of womens’ behavior. Like for example in the play, Hamlet is seen to be against the decision of her mother to remarry quickly after the death of the man she was married to. According to Hamlet this might have meant that her mother was not emotionally attached to her first husband (Mwaki, 2019). This disapproval by Hamlet towards women is seen to have affected his relationship with the woman he was courting. Hamlet began treating and seeing this woman as the rival. Hence, Shakespeare saw the need to present this as the complexity of the character of human beings.
Secondly, Shakespeare uses characterization to radiantly show and enable readers to relate to each character in the play Hamlet. For example, Shakespeare uses Claudius the king’s brother to illustrate a character with the urge of materialism. Claudius murders his brother so that he could take over the throne and his wife the queen. All human beings are ambitious and are only concerned with themselves.

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