Contentious Traditions
By Lata Mani
Contentious traditions by Lata Mani analyses a debate on a widow burning which occurred in colonial India. Controversial means something that is likely to cause disagreements that tend to quarrels. In the society, people with a fighting attitude are quarrelsome and often engage in hostilities. Lata Mani has written to show the debates on widow burning vividly. It is evident that the woman was burning, suffering and experiencing pain met the blind eyes of the patriarchal society. Lata mani’s writings made a historical contribution that cannot be undermined and will be in the minds of many through ages. Colonization brought a positive appraisal of women rights.
In this book on contentious traditions, the feminist’s critiques of cultural studies and the subject disclosure brought to light. Its analysis coupled the official, missionary, and natives writing on sati in India. Mani’s writings deepen once thoughts and widen the scope of imagination on the colonial times in the Indian society. In this writing, Lata Mani’s contention is that sati becomes the colonial civilizing mission alibi, on the other side it was significant for the critics. However, the plight of women who burned was not the concern in the debates over the outlaw of sati. These women were the object of complete struggles over Hindu traditions. Public opinion was raised in India as well as Britain.

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