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The Bane of the Internet
In the last few decades, technological advancement has changed the way we interact with each other. Nowadays, information technology has made it possible to communicate with people from all corners of the world instantly. Moreover, the internet has changed the manner in which we interact and significantly contributed to consumerist culture. Han Jin is one of the most influential American authors to showcase the effects of the internet and consumer culture through his many stories. His most famous story is “The Bane of the Internet.” The sisters` relationship and interaction in the narrative help illustrate how sometimes we love people who value different things as well as showing the effects of technology and consumerism.
The story is narrated from the perspective of an immigrant living in the United States. It takes place in American and China, and the characters interact with each other over the internet. The narrative follows two sisters as who struggle to overcome various problems and help each other while trying to figure out their lives. Yuchin wants to buy a car because everyone is doing it. The narrator advised her to forget about the car because she cannot afford to maintain it and will end up borrowing money. However, her desire to own a car continues to increase since all her friends are driving. She ends up offering her organs on the internet to finance the car, but the narrator steps in fearing for her well-being and helps pay for the car.

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