Grand Cayan University handbook policy review
Grand Canyon University handbook is a policy booklet written and published by Grand Canyon University. This booklet was meant to establish a roadmap that students need to follow before they are granted degrees or be admitted into the university. It contains rules and regulations governing the interaction between the university and the students. It will be worth noting that the booklet is always amended every academic year.
It’s no doubt that the major part of this booklet is about regulation that can promote learning and teaching programs at Graham Canyon University. For example, it highlights all the admission requirements, procedures, and guidelines that one should follow before being accepted into university. For instance, students are expected to submit either accepted high school certificates or college transcripts before completing any admission process. Sometimes, before a student is admitted into university the policy may demand that he/she seats for a proficiency exam.
This handbook also contains general academic regulations that are meant to bring sanity in academic programs and enhancing education quality and its standards. The official communication between the university and the students according to this policy is mainly through electronic means-where information can be accessed on students’ portals or through emails. For those students who wish to change their name or address, the policy outlines the procedural framework that should be followed.
The most outstanding part of this handbook is the teaching and learning methods. As a way of strengthening the teaching and learning process, the policy puts more emphasis on two things; class participation, and the dateline of handing in assignments. Assignments are supposed to be submitted through dropbox and late submission will result in 10% of the total marks being deducted. The duration of each program has well been elaborated on in the learning and management system. In respect to this, no student is supposed to stay in university for more than 150% of the total required time in the university. And if

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