Gender in American Revolution
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February 07, 2020
1 How do these different images of women contribute to our understanding of how gender shaped the experience of the American Revolution? 
* The great awakening supported an improvement of the social hierarchies that put an end to gender discrimination (Fogel, 2000).
* women were the prominent participants in the evangelical revival which resulted in the promotion of a strict egalitarianism that, promoted a rough egalitarianism that many authorities raised political concerns as well, in conjunction with this, the European intellectual movement stressed the rights of each person, the purpose of reason, social growth and the value of scientific method (Williams et. Al 1998)
* before, men were the only one that can participate in public debates, but some people questioned the authority embedded in their gender system, which resulted in a change.
* Women from different factions actively joined the events that surround the revolutionary conflict.
* Women never allowed to fight before during the war. As a result, they disguise themselves as a man to fight.

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